What kind of Motor Insurance are you looking for?

Motor Cycle Private

As a motorcycle rider, you should take care and show caution every time you are on the road.  

Motor Private Insurance

This insurance protects you against accidental loss to your car, as well as standard accessories and spare parts while on the road.

Trade External Risks

If you're in the business of transport, you need to get this cover. It protects you against loss or damage to your vehicle. 

Boda Boda & Tuk Tuk (PSV)

TukTuks and Bodabodas are a great, effective way to get around, but we all know they can be risky.  

Petroleum Tankers

This cover is great for you if you're in the Petroleum business. 

Own Goods

Own goods refer to goods which form part of the client’s business. As a business owner, anything can go wrong.