Simba Health Junior

Children are precious! Amongst the greatest gifts you can ever give them, Quality Healthcare tops the list.

KCB Simba Health Junior ensures that the medical needs of your children are fully taken care of from when they are born up until they transition into adulthood at 24 years of age.

Our range of benefits include:

  • Inpatient and outpatient benefits
  • Routine check-ups, dental/optical care
  • Pre-existing, chronic conditions, cancer, HIV/AIDS (including ARVs) and organ transplants
  • Child immunization (baby friendly and KEPI compliant
  • Treatment of congenital defects and genetic disorders
  • Home nursing & post hospitalization care
  • Lodger fees for children upto 14 years of age
  • Travel vaccines (yellow fever and oral polio). Other inoculations may be added from time to time
  • Emergency road and air evacuation
  • Extensive provider network and access to treatment in India in case of need

To enhance your experience, we have included the following services:

  • Milestones developmental assessments
  • Pre-school health check-ups and wellness programs
  • Nutrition and diet programs
  • Teens mentorship programs and wellness clubs
  • Free online chat with pediatric specialists

Kindly fill in your details below and a KCB representative will contact you with further details

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